Of The Misunderstood Power Of Correctness.

Its been long overdue, a post on Men’s style. I choose the word style as there is a difference between style and fashion. Fashion is driven by a need to impress, it is more impressionistic, and it follows the current trends and fads. It has no need to fit in with the individual’s personality. To the fashionista, the new items of clothing have to stand out. A far cry from fashion is style. Style is a state of mind. Style complements the individual’s personality. It follows the path of a prudent man who as always should enter the paths beaten by great dressers, and imitate those who have been most excellent. I do not attempt to write about fashion. Far from it, I however strive to write about style. The style of men who look fear straight in the eye until it turns away. Men willing to go places in trying to meet self-actualization.

Style is for that crop of men who say yes to class, yes to intelligence & yes to understanding the misunderstood power of correctness~Kimani~

A stylish man stops at nothing to achieve Self-actualization

A stylish man stops at nothing to achieve Self-actualization

Men are often voyaging on the precipice of the Neanderthal hope of achieving the Casanova status that is slowly sinking into oblivion. Style recognizes this need but forges in a different direction. It seeks individuality in bringing out the persona of the individual. Persona in this context refers the various versions of the self that an individual possess. It expounds the emotions, inspiration, technical know-how and the willingness to break the rules now and then. A stylish man portrays position, power, personality, wealth, importance, good taste and strong business acumen.

A stylish man Pushes the boundaries.

A stylish man Pushes the boundaries.

Style has an intrinsic power of correctness that is often misunderstood. To this end, I present the quintessential rules of style that every man who deems himself stylish ought to live by. A dandy understands that

“the pious demand that they be judged not by how they dress but for who they are

is balderdash. In suits, the Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style by Antongiavanni, he advises that the stylish man is

“the enemy of the splendiferous and the effeminate, who favors simple clothe, pristine in cut, immaculate in fit, .[…]never ostentatious, always manly.”

These rules are in a way a variation of the rules found here, only that they are more relevant in the local setting. What I consider stylish may be different to another person but the rules are constant irrespective of the individual’s tastes.

1)      ALWAYS wear a belt when wearing trousers with belt loops.

2)      NEVER ever use your belt to hold accessories like phones, ID tags or keys.

3)      NEVER wear a tie and a pocket square of the same color.  While you want to catch the eye of the people you are in conversation with, the same tie/pocket square combination takes away the effect and tends to distract the listener from what you are saying.

The Effect of a Contrasting Tie and Pocket square combination.

The Effect of a Contrasting Tie and Pocket square combination.

4)      NEVER trust the opinion of sales people in stores/stalls about fashion. Theirs is a duty to earn a profit from sales of products to people as opposed to ensuring that you look good. This is why most ties are packed with matching pocket squares and forced on us as fashionable.

5)      NEVER wear a suit/official dress with sport shoes.

6)      ALWAYS match the color of your belt to that of your shoes.

7)      It is impossible to be considered well dressed if your shoes are in a poor state/condition-torn, unpolished. Any proper dress is founded on a fine pair of shoes

8)      Loafers are badass, wear them. Have one in your closet.

Badass Loafers, A must have.

Badass Loafers, A must have.

9)      NEVER wear a tie without a blazer/Jacket. Do not go around resembling a waiter.

10)  NEVER button all three buttons of a three button blazer/ Jacket. Only button the middle button. For a two button blazer/jacket, button only one button.

11)  Always unbutton your blazer while seating. Keep it buttoned while standing/ walking at all times, if not, remove it. It is ALWAYS stylish to wear a watch. Do not wear a sports watch with official dress.

12)  It is preferable to match the leather of your wristwatch to that of your belt and shoes.

13)  Match the metal of the cuff-links to the metal of the belt-buckle, blazer button and the suspenders.

14)  It is okay to wear Brown or Burgundy shoes, so long as the belt matches. The tie or the pocket square may also match (optional) but not both at once.

15)  A pocket square is bad-ass

16)  The socks should always match the trousers. They may also match any item of clothing above your belt.

17)  There should be no visible logo/ brand on your suit. The logos visible on the calf of many knock-off suits in many Stalls in the CBD in Nairobi are a big no! Its okay of the logo is present on the inside.

18)  In the same way, do not wear a branded item in the inside of a blazer/ Suit.

19)  Wear suspenders on trousers without belt loops.

20) NEVER wear a scarf with only a t-shirt or shirt. A scarf always ought to worn with a sweater or a blazer.

21) Less is more

Less is more: Stand out

Less is more: Stand out

Evidently, a man of style understands that while over dressing is best as compared to under dressing, less is more in (21) above implies that they wear a few designer items that are  subtly hidden in the dress ensemble. In addition, such a man does not need an excuse to dress up, to wear a suit and tie. They are comfortable in their own skin. They understand the true power of correctness that lies in a good dress sense.


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